Why Books are Dead: How Apples iPad Killed Them

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As for the Kindle…the epaper is great, but when faced with a choice most consumers will pay about the same price for a device that can also surf the web, watch movies, play games, play music, control your home theatre, give you directions, record audio, take notes, track your golf game, present a slide show, etc. I agree that the epaper e-ink is great to look at, but at the price point Amazon is selling the Kindle DX I think people will be willing to put up with a little eye strain to gain all the functionality of the iPad.

I also completely agree with Broadcast James.

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I love Apple products, have a MacBook, have had every iPhone model. Recently changed to try out the Nexus One. Also have a Kindle. The reason I got the Kindle in the first place was because of the e-ink display, so I could read for hours without it being an eyestrain. I was looking forward to this announcement for something truly revolutionary, but have been left distinctly underwhelmed. I think Kindle beats iPad in many ways: 1. Global wireless 2. Paper-like display 3. Loooonger battery life 4.

By global wireless, I mean that amazon advertises a flat fee for 3G access outside US. Different product.

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How naive does he think we are? Sure, it can be a dream to type on, if it is on my desk. Or, if I am on the go with this magical mobile [insert what you think it is] device, on the back of a homeless person on the street. What if I drop it accidentally?

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Do I just buy 5 of these to make sure I can get my mail on the bus! Direct touch is always going to be easier for the end user than anything indirect like a mouse. With touch you have things like mishits. Selecting things with a mouse is more accurate than by touch and also quicker. Yes you heard me right. You might not believe it until you experience it.

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  4. Ever heard of the game Elite Beat Agents? If you ask the users there, they will tell you they prefer it to the stylus counterpart. This game is also available on the iPhone in the Cydia store and the mouse has the best experience. As an ereader with only ten hours of battery life you have to constantly be recharging it. As a computer it does basically the same thing any other computer does.

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