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They have to be thrown out. Unfortunately, roughly half the people on the street are women, and most of us have much smaller feet than that. One of those pairs of work socks will last at least five to seven days of constant walking without laundering. I discovered these last fall and wore them while car panning through all but the very coldest days of the winter.

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These socks last. They give you more bang for your buck, even if there are only half as many pairs, because each pair lasts three to four times as long. The vast majority of these packages contain water bottles. Again, we love water. But we love it much more in the summer.

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We drink hot beverages any chance we get in winter, to raise our core temperatures. But the disposable spring water bottles sold in cases at every grocery store are actively undesirable in the winter, for the following reasons: we get a lot of them, and the weight really adds up on top of all the other weight we carry around. Finally, in sub-zero temperatures, the water chills, turns to slush, and freezes solid, sometimes in as little as half an hour. Again, Dollarama has the cheapest solutions I know of.

They sell refillable water bottles for as little as a dollar each and cheap thermal mugs, too! Those are light; we can carry them around, fill them as needed, and, unlike the disposable bottles, in a pinch we can fill them with a hot beverage without the plastic warping or melting immediately. I have received uncounted numbers of Mylar emergency blankets.

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They make a frequent appearance in these packages. I have never seen a single person discover a real use for them in urban Canada. They honestly have no purpose in the life of a homeless person. But … they sell tarps.

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Cheap tarps. A four-by-eight-foot tarp will shelter a tent or be an effective groundsheet. Those are about the right size for a person to use under their sleeping bag to keep the wet from seeping up from the ground, and another on top of them to keep the wind and snow off. As I said, this is going to be a bad winter — again.

The City of Toronto says it cannot afford to create enough beds to shelter those who need it. To compound the problems created by that policy, the city has made it illegal for people to camp, shelter, etc. Friends fund gravestone for homeless man who drowned in Don River. So we find ways around it.

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Drop-ins and NGOs are allowed to distribute sleeping bags, but handing out tents or tarps — anything that can be used effectively to keep the wind and wet off — threatens their municipal funding. One of the greatest gifts any homeless person can receive is the means by which to create their own shelter, their own relatively safe space, out of the weather and the worst of the cold.

Tents are not cheap things, to us. Even the inexpensive ones often cost more than we make in a day. Trust me on this. So if there are people who want to do more, consider cheap three- or four-man tents big enough for two people and their knapsacks. It is no joke or exaggeration when I say that a cheap tent can be the difference between frostbite and no frostbite, or even between life and death.

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