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Heavy Rotation

An epic tale about the ultimate battle of good and evil in an America devastated by weaponised influenza. Told through multiple perspectives, we watch the continued breakdown of both humanity and the planet. I remain haunted by the image of Trashcan Man, radiation-poisoned, dragging a nuclear warhead through the desert. Some apocalypses wash over you like an emotion or a dream, while others, such as Godzilla vs the Smog Monster, grip you with their all-too-realism.

  • The Quilting Bee (The Amish of Ephrata Book 2).
  • La muerte te espera (EPUBS) (Spanish Edition);
  • Apocalypse and Millenium in English Romantic Poetry!

Could she have been but a couple of decades out? Beware of these stories; their combination of casual future horror and doddering human vulnerability will maim your heart. What Becomes Us by Micah Perks The apocalypses of the past haunt the present in this magical novel narrated by twin foetuses.

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Zazen by Vanessa Veselka Amid the counterculture of a war-drunk America on the verge of collapse we meet Della, a vegan cafe worker who calls in bomb threats in her downtime. This Philip K Dick-ish novel takes place in subcultures familiar to many, within a heavily mediated America that is all too recognisable. In a future America taken over by totalitarian rule, women have lost all autonomy and are used as reproductive slaves in a time of decreased fertility. Gutted by Justin Chin Can a poem be an apocalypse?

Poet Justin Chin, who died in from complications of Aids, makes a potent case for the power of poetry to devastate and enlighten. Zone One by Co lson Whitehead If you like your zombie apocalypse brainy and urban, check out this masterpiece. The surviving population flounders in the throes of PASD post-apocalyptic stress disorder ; flashbacks provide scale as to how far the culture has fallen.

Haunting, with pockets of sly humour. Unlike the other titles, the fear this story inspires cannot be shrugged off as fiction.

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Here, the mythical begins to recede into metaphor, losing its potency, its material consequence. That is why contemporary literalist prophets—those milk-crate preachers—frighten and alienate us.

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Though fully one-third of American adults understand the Bible to be the true and literal word of God , societal function is preserved by the consensus that some of the things that Book describes are inconceivable. But in a poem, we are free to believe more readily.